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The AMG London Story

Advanced Medical Group, the company behind AMG London, is a dynamic number of family doctors, specialists and surgeons who pursue the practice of the balance of body, mind and spirit of the entire person. This practice enables our patients to fulfill their life purpose by living a full and abundant life without the interference of disease.


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Advanced Medical Group London

AMG London is the first medical clinic in Canada to offer a balance of traditional and lifestyle treatments, utilizing evidence-based approaches to health care.

In addition to established pharmaceutical treatments, physicians at AMG London focus on treating the real cause of disease by offering treatments including; ;

  • Body & Mind Exercise
  • Diet & Nutrition Counseling
  • Mindfulness & De-Stressing
  • Social Support Programs

Situated between two major hospitals in London Ontario, our physicians at our new medical center can access the latest facilities and cutting-edge training. They also work in close collaboration with our team of onsite family doctors, lifestyle medicine practitioners and medical specialists


OUR BUILDING: Integrated Healthy Living

AMG London is much than just an attractive steel and concrete structure on the corner of Richmond & Victoria. This ultra-modern medical building utilizes geo-thermal heating and cooling, and has all of the key components to healthy living under one roof, saving time on unnecessary travel and duplication of resources.

Our integrated patient centred facilities include the Rejuv Spa, dedicated wellness centers, and our healthy eating Apple-a-Day Bistro.

OUR FOCUS – Not Just Symptoms, But Results

Medicine is evolving and it is time to change the paradigm in the treatment of chronic illnesses influenced by lifestyle. Our patient-centered workflow puts you at the center of everything we do. At AMG London we offer:

  • Skilled Medical Staffing
  • Evidence based medical treatment alternatives
  • Your full participation in your treatment and ongoing health plan
  • Quick, easy communication through your Mi-Health online portal
  • Predict your responses to medications and foods (pharmacogenetics)

The Manor Village Life Centre


The Manor Village London is a unique senior care community at AMG London. Set on the third and fourth floors of our modern, safe building, The Manor Village London offers superior senior living accommodation in a community that combines independent living, assisted living and memory care support.

Our senior residents enjoy excellent levels of service, as well as their own dedicated facilities such as an excellent restaurant with resident chef, solarium and smart, friendly communal lounges. Every resident at The Manor Village London also has unparalleled access to the AMG London medical and healthcare facilities including:

  • Foot & leg therapy
  • Healing & balance therapy
  • Dental center
  • Vision center
  • Rexell pharmacy and medical laboratory
  • Medical and healthcare team on call 24/7

Short-term respite care for caregivers
Respite care stays are also available to support caregivers looking after family members with dementia or long-term medical conditions


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