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Medical EMR MiHealth TabletThe AMG London EMR (Electronic Medial Records) System

At AMG London, our integrated approach to traditional and lifestyle medicine extends into our innovative EMR system. Our Electronic Medical Record system allows you to store patient information as normal, receive test results, and share information with colleagues within AMG London.

Direct communication with patients anywhere, anytime
With the AMG patient record system, you can also communicate directly with your patient through their private MiVitalsTM patient portal. With MiVitalsTM, you can send them appointment reminders, share test results, reinforce desired behaviours and stay in contact with patients with limited access to the AMG London facilities.

As a physician, you can access your own patient records, and also those of any patients referred to you by colleagues at AMG London. It works the other way too; if you refer a patient to a specialist at AMG London, they can instantly share your patient’s notes. The portals will also be valuable to wellness coaches, allied practitioners, the in-house pharmacy, and AMG laboratory to improve private information flow to the patient.

It’s a highly effective and efficient way to manage patient’s health information, and it’s provided completely free of charge when you set up a medical practice at AMG London.

Why the MiVitalsTM patient portal is so important (and useful!)

As you probably know from experience, advice given during your physician-patient consultation isn’t always adequately understood by the patient, often resulting in a low compliance rate.

The MiVitalsTM portal allows you to help patients have a better understanding of their health situation and help support them in their journey to improved health and wellness. The system is quick and easy to use during consultations, and you can access records remotely too if out on calls or visiting patients.

Through MiVitalsTM, you can send laboratory results, prescription updates, and instructions for further testing or referrals, and new information on treating conditions and cures. Health Alerts can also remind patients that they require a follow up examination for tests such as colonoscopies, PSA, mammograms, etc.

How AMG London uses the EMR system

Our whole approach at AMG is patient-centered, so it’s logical that we use the EMR system to make the patient’s experience with us as smooth and seamless as possible.

When patients first register with AMG London online, they create a secure health history profile. When they then arrive at our London ON medical facility, they will be greeted by an AMG Medical Assistant. The assistant prepares them for their visit to the doctor by completing a 7-point pre-exam, and updating the Electronic Medical Record accordingly. This EMR will be thoroughly reviewed and updated by every practitioner the patient sees, every time they visit.

Make the move to AMG London
It’s all part of the integrated approach to medicine that makes AMG London a leading provider of healthcare not just in London but in North America too. Why not join us - call us at 519.850.4646 for more details, or complete the Physician Contact Form.

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