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turnkey medical practicePractice promotion: setting up a medical practice at AMG London

Want to set up your own medical practice in London ON without the overhead costs of renting a clinic, hiring staff, property refurbishment or even building a patient roster?

At AMG London, we have the space, the facilities and the support systems you need to set up a medical practice in the heart of London Ontario. It’s what we do!

We give you the freedom to practice how you wish, when you wish, by removing all the administration tasks and costs normally associated with professional practice management.

Whether you want to practice for a few days per week, or a few hours per day, AMG London can provide a professional, state of the art practice ready to accept patients right now.

How it works
AMG London is a purpose-built medical clinic with the latest facilities and complete support structure. So instead of buying into a medical practice, or struggling to start your own medical practice from scratch, you simply pay a monthly fee or percentage that covers all the following:

  • Staffing costs
  • Leasehold & tenant improvement costs
  • Utilities and base taxes
  • EMR system costs
  • Common area costs
  • 1 parking stall (shared)
  • 2 examination rooms
  • Shared medical office with computer
  • Phone & network access

Roster of patients ready and waiting for you
Our comprehensive medical practice support service includes a ready-made new patient list for your practice. We have hundreds of local residents who have seen the advantages of our integrated approach to medicine, and have already registered with AMG London. All they need now is you!

Interested? Call us, or fill in our Physician Contact Form.

Professional staff working with you
At AMG London our professional staff are here to help you run your practice efficiently, effectively and profitably, including:

  • Patient Coordinators who manage your patients
  • Medical Assistants who facilitate the 7-point pre-examinations
  • A Director of Medicine
  • OHIP billing experts
  • Technical expertise for managing the EMR system
  • Security staff
  • Janitorial services
  • Patient transportation and valet parking
  • Laboratory staff
  • Auditing by a senior physician

Multiple income streams
The variety of facilities at AMG London offers physicians and specialists multiple income streams. You can offer consultations, treatments, act as a locum for our walk-in clinic, or collaborate with other professionals in providing health services via the Rejuvenation Plus program. You can also serve the ongoing health requirements of our residents in the Manor Village Senior Living suites, located on the third and fourth floors.

Minor surgery options
You can offer minor surgery in our surgical and recovery suites, and be part of the provincial government’s initiative to move minor procedures out of hospitals and into private facilities such as ours. The Ministry of Health for Ontario will support OHIP approved surgical costs that are performed out-of-hospital in accredited operatory suites. So, at AMG London, you can choose to practice OHIP funded and private pay surgical procedures, all under one roof.

Come and see for yourself
You’re welcome to view our medical practice spaces, medical and clinical facilities, and discuss your requirements with our team. Just call us at 519.850.4646 for an appointment, and see for yourself how joining the team of medical professionals based at AMG London could become the way you’ve always wanted to practice medicine.

Better work/life balance
For family physicians and specialists who have experienced running their own clinic, you’ll know how much family life can be affected by the stress and workload of practice management. Base your practice at AMG London and you can reclaim a better work-life balance, which will benefit you, your family and your patients.

Your first medical practice in London
If you’ve always dreamed of opening a medical practice, AMG London can make that dream come true. With all facilities on site, a ready-made patient list, the support and collaboration of experienced colleagues, and ongoing professional development education, AMG London provides an exceptional opportunity to run your own medical clinic the way you want. We even offer an option for flexible billing or a % of billing (as submitted to the Ministry of Health) to help you get established.

Moving toward retirement
If you have an established clinic, but are tired of the administration, why not move your practice to AMG London. Here, you can continue to practice with your established list, and enjoy the extensive support system without the need for further investment in existing clinic building, IT systems or new staff.

When you come to retire, you can benefits through a program that pays a market value for retiring Family Doctors for their active patient rosters and subsequent goodwill. No longer do you need to walk away from your practice not knowing if your patients are in good hands, or receiving little to no value for years of dedication.

Invaluable experience for new and recent graduates
Not sure you want to start your own practice but do want to be part of AMG London? Join the team as a locum physician at our primary care walk-in clinic and you’ll gain invaluable experience in the assessment, treatment and healthcare of a wide range of local residents. You can also gain experience in geriatric care, dementia and memory care for our senior residents at the Manor Village senior care centre.

Opportunities for relocating from abroad
Canada offers exceptional opportunities for qualified doctors and physicians who wish to relocate here from abroad. Call us at 519.850.4646 or email us to discuss your personal circumstances and how AMG London can help you establish your own medical practice in Ontario.

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