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AMG London, Ontario's most innovative medical facility

If you are a family doctor, or a specialist in your chosen field, AMG London offers you a better way to do what you love most - spending more time with patients and helping them towards improved health and informed lifestyle choices.

  • AMG London is not simply a family medical clinic or medical office facility; it is a new, integrated approach to patient treatment and care.
  • AMG London is a unique center which allows for enhanced treatment, management and support of a wide range of chronic diseases and health conditions.
  • AMG London is centered on health promotion and disease prevention, with a particular focus on exercise, nutrition and mental attentiveness.

All under one roof
AMG London provides a wealth of solutions that work together, including skilled staff trained to promote your practice, register your patients, assist with pre-examination, coach your patient to improved health, and maintain your collaborative EMR system. AMG London also provides opportunities for your continued professional growth and education, including senior colleague supervision and regular lecture events.

Our integrated approach ensures excellent opportunities for a range of specialists, including dentists, orthodontists, optometry, ophthalmology, and surgeons.

AMG London: unrivalled facilities for all your clinical needs
At AMG London, we provide everything to enable you to run your own private practice. Your new medical practice will be at the heart of our state of the art clinical facility, providing capability for multiple income streams.

  • The practitioner POD
    As a family practitioner or specialist, you have your own POD with two examination rooms and a shared office facility. With all your staffing and OHIP aspects of your practice taken care of by AMG, you can spend more time face to face with patients in your well-appointed examining rooms.

  • Rapid referrals to colleagues
    AMG London has a culture of medicine with a key focus on meaningful collaboration. Practice in whatever way works for you and if you do need to refer a patient, there will be a specialist just down the hall.

  • High tech Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    Our EMR system offers you instant access to patient's records and a unique two-way communication with patients via the Mi-VitalsTM patient portal. (More details on the EMR page.)

  • Integrated healthcare services
    AMG London offers patients a 'one stop shop' for various health requirements, offering single-building access to a dentist, optometrist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, audiologist, psychologist or skin specialist. That same patient may appreciate the relaxed and stress-free experience so much, they want to sign up with other specialists based here too, such as you.

  • RejuvenationPLUS, your optimal health program
    At AMG London, you can offer patients a healthy living program conducted right here in our London building. Our optimal health programs bring four key components of healthy living together into a powerful 90 day life changing program; see our Rejuvenation PLUS page for full details.

  • Day surgical and recovery suites
    AMG London offer fully managed and staffed day surgery and recovery suites for day-surgical procedures for patients in-house. At AMG London, you can offer a range of general surgery procedures including phaecoemulsification vision care, ENT procedures, dermatology and plastic surgery. The government of Ontario are actively encouraging the transfer of such procedures from hospital to private facilities such as ours, as this is often more cost-effective than doing the same surgery in a hospital.

  • Walk-in clinic
    Our walk-in clinic provides an invaluable service to busy residents, and a potential income stream for practitioners starting out in their careers. See our Practice Promotion page for more details. (Read more on our AMG walk-in clinic page.)

  • The AMG Medical Laboratory
    Our onsite laboratory can conduct a range of testing, offering exceptional turnaround times and results sent direct to the patient EMR system. The lab offers blood testing, pathology, heart and stress tests, genome/genetic testing ECGs, and HOLTER monitoring, plus a range of other diagnostic tests.

  • Onsite pharmacy
    The AMG London pharmacy is an invaluable resource where patients can pick up prescriptions just minutes after you prescribe them. Our Rexell pharmacy offer pill checks and specialist advice on health issues such as diabetes and how to stop smoking. The AMG London integrated approach and detailed records systems avoid poly-pharmacy issues.

  • Wellbeing, health and social facilities
    AMG London is fast becoming a destination for local residents looking to lead a longer, healthier life. They come to exercise at the fitness centre, take a yoga class or to drop their kids off at the child care centre. They'll meet friends for a healthy lunch at the Apple A Day bistro, or visit parents and relatives in our senior living suites at the Manor Village London on the third and fourth floors.

  • Exclusive physician facilities
    All our resident physicians have access to private facilities including showers, lockers, a business centre and our private theatre for personal professional development and education. (See our AMG Education Theatre page for details.)

  • Complete practice management solution
    AMG London takes care of all the business aspects of running your practice, so you can concentrate on patients, not admin. More details on our AMG Practice Promotion page.

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