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At AMG London, we’ve designed our brand new medical clinic to deliver total patient centred care, from first consultation to on-going advice and support for optimum health. With state-of-the-art facilities and community-focused initiatives including a walk-in clinic, education theatre and Rejuv medi-spa, our clinic offers the optimum blend of traditional and lifestyle medicine.


An informed patient,
is a healthy patient.

We are in the midst of the most rapid and profound shift in the history of medicine. Millions of Canadians are coping with chronic conditions that have higher risks of disability and death.

Yet the same patients have online access to more health data and healthy living information than qualified doctors did in the 20th century!

AMG London is anticipating a fundamental shift in meeting the needs of our physicians and patients, centred on access to health care outside of the physician’s office.

Enter the AMG London’s Patient Portal. This portal ensures you can access all of your important healthcare information online, anytime, via the MiVitalsTM portal. MiVitalsTM will allow you to have a better understanding of your health situation and help support you in your journey to improved health and wellness by allowing you access to book with your physician, renew prescriptions and more, all online!


AMG is more than just a
Community Health Clinic!

AMG has a broad selection of healthcare services to support your healthcare needs:

  • Family Doctors
  • Medical Specialists
  • Dental Health
  • Walk-in Clinic
  • Vision Center
  • Ear / Nose / Throat
  • Dermatology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Back & Joint Center
  • Foot & Leg Care
  • Chiropractic



Lifestyle Medicine

At AMG London, our lifestyle medicine approach enhances your doctor’s options beyond traditional medicine. It follows the principle that health care cannot be reformed without a patient’s full participation in their health.

In 2016, AMG will be conducting a clinical study focused upon our revolutionary RejuvenationPLUS program. This clinical study will demonstrate that the conditioning of the human body and mind is capable of being the most effective tool we have for preventing many chronic diseases.

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