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What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is the assessment, treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders caused by lifestyle factors including stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise or lack of sleep. These lifestyle factors are responsible for the majority of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue, and respiratory conditions. These conditions are in turn responsible for the majority of doctor’s appointments and medical treatments in Canada.


  • The bad news is that our lifestyle choices could be killing us.
  • The good news is that together, we can do something about it.

An integrated approach to your health

At AMG London, our integrated approach to lifestyle medicine helps you change your health for the better. With all our team of physicians, family doctors and specialists working together, you can receive the help you need all within the professional community here at AMG London.

In a traditional London medical practice, your family GP might struggle to be able to have the details of all the specialists you may need from dieticians to chiropractors and psychologists. At AMG London, they’ll be just down the corridor, ready to help develop a health plan for you that can literally turn your life around.

Lifestyle medicine and traditional medicine

Traditional medicine may treat your symptoms but it usually won’t be able to address the root causes of your health issues. Your GP might ask you to lose weight or quit smoking or get more rest, but he/she won’t be able to actually prescribe it, as such.

This is the point where lifestyle medicine comes in.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on key areas of your lifestyle, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • Social support
  • Environmental factors

At AMG London, your doctor works with you to work through your lifestyle, diagnose your health issues, and ensure you see the right specialist to help you address them. They can also enroll you in RejuvenationPLUS, our ground-breaking 90 day health and wellness program based here at AMG London. So, you don’t have to travel across town to different clinics; everyone you need to access is based right here under one roof.

For more information, see our RejuvenationPLUS page, or sign up as a patient at AMG London and start your journey to better health today.

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