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The Rejuv Spa at AMG London

400dpiLogoCroppedLocated in picturesque old North London, the Rejuv Spa is a full-service health and wellness retreat. Come and relax while our professionals use their skill and expertise to reveal a more radiant, relaxed and confident you.

Overseen by Dr. Jeffery Cowger and a highly qualified team of clinical estheticians, the Rejuv Spa offers a wide range of skin solutions for every age.

Expert Skin Gurus

At Rejuv Spa, our Skin Gurus are passionate about your skin health! We can address all your skincare concerns, and help you with advanced skincare treatments. We achieve excellent results using AlumierMD products, and advise you on follow-up homecare, to keep that ‘just out of the spa’ look for longer.

AlumierMD skincare

At Rejuv Spa, we only use the very best skincare treatments by AlumierMD, and customise our product choices to suit your specific skin needs. The exceptional AlumierMD skincare treatments have been scientifically enhanced to ensure every molecule in each product is fully available to your skin and body. All AlumierMD products are free of parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil and dyes.

Our Signature AlumierMD Treatments

Choose from a range of facial, skin and body treatments using medical-grade formulations and techniques including:

  • Professional Skin Peels
    Decrease the visible sign of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone with our customized skin peels. Enjoy an exfoliating skin peel and brightening, followed by specialist treatment serums to leave you with soft, radiant and luminous skin.

  • Deep Moisterizing Treatment
    Treat your skin to an intensely hydrating skin treatment to counteract the effects of frying winter winds, heating, air conditioning and summer sun. Our specialist deep moisturizing treatment infuses your skin with anti-oxidants and moisture-binding ingredients for plump, healthy, hydrated skin that’s irresistibly soft!

  • Enzyme Treatment
    The AlumierMD Enzyme Retexturing Treatment is a fruit enzyme based treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, soothes your skin, maintains its hydration AND promotes skin renewal. Book now and see the amazing results for yourself.

  • Refining Clay Treatment
    This unique blend of clay and exfoliating ingredients refines and purifies your skin by clearing trapped oil in your skin, removing dead skin cells, and rehydrating your skin. The result is a reduction in blemishes and excess oil and the promotion of skin renewal, for a happier, healthier look.

  • Luxurious AlumierMD Medi-facial
    Our signature treatment that is relaxing for you and the ultimate in customized care for your skin! Your luxurious treatment includes a relaxing facial massage, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage that will help release toxins in the skin and soothe pain while relaxing the body and mind. Walk out feeling relaxed, refreshed and looking radiant!

Other professional beauty treatments at the Rejuv Spa

We can also offer the following:

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    A relaxing, soothing massage treatment for your back and feet, combines the unique benefit of human touch with the power of essential oils. An overall balancing and relaxing experience that’ll give you a spring in your step afterwards.

  • Eye rescue treatment
    Banish tired looking eyes with a combination of pressure point massage and soothing gel rescue pads, resulting in brighter and refreshed eyes.

Ask us about our specialist skin treatments including:

Our spa in London ON is open to all and no membership is required. For more details, just call us at 519-873-1446. We look forward to Rejuvenating your skin soon!

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