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"I approached AMG as a curious neighbour looking for a local, family doctor for our children. What I found was a life-changing experience that has helped me regain my stride, recover my body, and rejuvenate my life. Seriously. It began with a chance discovery of the fitness centre that started my postpartum recovery - guided by Michelle, the weeks turned into months while I worked on not only my core strength but also my confidence. During this time, my busy toddler was able to let her wild imagination go free at the Tiny Treasures drop-in centre. It's only an hour here and there while I workout, but my daughter always comes home with a story and a new craft and absolutely loves Stephanie. Even my husband has started to attend the weekly yoga classes. There is always something happening at AMG.. it has offered my family a better quality of life. Thank you!"

- mel

IPL Skin Treatment

Please see our IPL Skin Treatment videos below:

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Vision Centre: Opening May 29th, 2017!

MiVitals: Accepting trial patients soon!

Tiny Treasures LogoTiny Treasures Play and Learn Centre

Professional drop-in child care your kids will love!

  • Healthy and welcoming environment
  • Positive and fun play experiences
  • Age appropriate activities

Tiny Treasures offers pre-booked or drop-in fun, engaging and educational activities for children. Come and explore, or just drop in for some Play and Learn fun!

  • Call us at 519-873-1602
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Pop in and see us at AMG London, 230 Victoria Street, London ON
  • Find us on Facebook @tinytreasuresAMG

Why not enjoy a couple of well-earned hours to yourself at the AMG ReJuv Spa, the Apple a Day Bistro, or our Fitness Gym while your kids enjoy themselves at Tiny Treasures!

What’s on offer at Tiny Treasures

Early Childhood Educator Stephanie has a talent for creating amusing and entertaining activities for children of all ages, which are also educational and enlightening! At the Tiny Treasures Play and Learn Centre, your children can enjoy:

  • Quality play and learn time
  • Exciting and fabulous activities
  • Fitness that’s fun on our mini gym and mini trampoline
  • Access to a media centre
  • Outdoor play in our safe, enclosed playground

Why choose Tiny Treasures Play and Learn

Stephanie’s themed-linked, inventive and engaging activities will keep little hands busy and little minds active while you are at work, at your AMG healthcare appointment, or just taking some time for yourself.

Please note that we are a drop-in activity and learning centre - we do not offer daycare.

Our philosophy

As part of AMG London, we recognize that children are our future and need to learn the importance of Healthy Living and maintenance of Body and Mind. All the activities at Tiny Treasures Play and Learn Centre gently reinforce this message through positive play experiences and themed activities

About Stephanie Wright

Stephanie has 30 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator working with infants up to school-aged children. She is also a published children's author and operated a children's party planning business.

Birthdays and special event parties

Looking for a children’s party venue or stuck for new ideas for a children’s party? Call us with your requirements and we’ll create something special, right here in our Play and Learn Centre. Your child’s special guests can have a great time in a safe environment for a party they’ll enjoy and remember, so you relax and enjoy the occasion too.

  • Tiny Treasures Card
  • Tiny Treasures 1
  • Tiny Treasures 10
  • Tiny Treasures 11
  • Tiny Treasures 2
  • Tiny Treasures 3
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  • Tiny Treasures Card
  • Tiny Treasures 1
  • Tiny Treasures 10
  • Tiny Treasures 11
  • Tiny Treasures 2
  • Tiny Treasures 3
  • Tiny Treasures 5
  • Tiny Treasures 6
  • Tiny Treasures 7
  • Tiny Treasures 8
  • Tiny Treasures 9


Advanced Medical Vein Clinic

The Advanced Medical Vein Clinic is a new, state-of-the-art facility, offering consultation, diagnosis, and advanced varicose vein treatment.

Under the expert direction of Vascular Surgeon Dr. Adam Power, the Advanced Medical Vein Clinic offers expert assessment, diagnosis and latest treatments for venous conditions.

At the Advanced Medical Vein Clinic, you will receive an accurate diagnosis and advice based on your own arterial and venous conditions. The clinic offers a full range of treatment options, from conservative medical management through to minimally invasive options, and full operative management.

Our clinic emphasizes the importance that lifestyle plays in your overall health. Being part of the AMG London facility ensures we can refer you to healthcare services onsite, including health and wellness programs, a fitness gym, a dietician, the dermatology clinic and medical aesthetics experts

For more information, or to book an appointment, call the Advanced Medical Vein Clinic at (519) 873-1615.

VenaSeal® Sapheon Closure System


VenaSeal offers a minimally invasive treatment option for varicose veins that uses an advanced medical adhesive to seal the diseased vein. Before you come for your VenaSeal treatment, your physician or one of the clinic team will have examined your affected leg(s) with an ultrasound scan to assess the vein and to plan the procedure.

How VenaSeal works

The procedure is performed here at our AMG London clinic under local anesthetic. A small catheter is inserted in your diseased vein and small amounts of adhesive are delivered through the catheter until the entire vein segment is sealed. After the procedure, a small bandage will be placed at the vein access site.

The entire procedure takes less than one hour. Results do vary, but we find most patients are able to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Benefits of the VenaSeal system

The VenaSeal system is quicker and more comfortable that other options as it doesn’t involve multiple needle insertions, for improved comfort over other treatments. Most patients have minimal to almost no bruising, and you probably won’t need to wear a compression stocking after the procedure either.

Sclerotherapy – coming soon

Sclerotherapy is an effective medical procedure that can eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. More details coming soon!

About Dr Adam Power

Dr. Adam Power MD MPhil FRCSC, is an Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery and Residency Program Director at Western University here in London, Canada.

AMG London are delighted to welcome Dr Power and his team to our state of the art Advanced Medical Vein Clinic. In addition to his busy clinical practice here, Dr. Power continues to conduct research in the areas of innovation and medical device development, and holds multiple patents for endovascular devices.

Dr. Power studied medicine at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada), followed by a General Surgery residency at McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada). Dr. Power also studied in the UK for a Masters in Bio-Science Enterprise (MBE), a multidisciplinary biotechnology and business degree program, at the University of Cambridge (St. John’s College). He then took up a Vascular Surgery fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, with a focus on complex venous disorders.

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