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The first of its kind in North America, AMG is setting the new standard for Medical Facilities.

We're Than Just A Medical Center


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Advanced Medical Group is a

Revolutionary Concept

The first of its kind in North America for health care. Even the building is unique as it uses cleaner and healthier geothermal energy for heating and cooling!

On the first two floors of the AMG building, you will find health care providers and services for the entire family. There is a range of general practitioners and specialists as well as a walk-in clinic, pharmacy, laboratory and surgical operatory. We believe that coaching healthy lifestyles is just as important to your wellness, which is why we include businesses in these floors not often seen in a healthcare facility.

The third & fourth floors are a senior’s supportive residence providing quality, independent and assisted living as well as memory care.

The Ten Issues For Sustaining Universal Health Care In Canada

  • The delivery of Quality Health Care is expensive, and becomes even more costly with Aging.
  • The Canadian population is Aging, and Provincial health funding has expanding shortfalls of health budgets.
  • Ontario has identified Provincial Health-Care Teams to seek solutions for the delivery of quality health care.
  • Quality health-care means providing no-harm to the wellness of the patient, including unreasonable delays for health services.
  • The Ministry of Health recognizes that hospital care is costly and is not necessary for the majority of day-surgical procedures.
  • Preventable Chronic Health Diseases are expanding such as Cardio-Respiratory Diseases (Hypertension—Type 2 Diabetes—Obesity)
  • Other preventable Chronic Health Diseases as Anxiety & Depression—Substance Abuses—Auto-Immune Diseases & even some Cancers are growing.
  • Chronic Health Diseases are often the impact of patient self-induced abuses, that are correctable following the 4 PILLARS for Prevention
  • It is necessary for Canadians to become educated in health, so they are aware of their personal accountability for their Wellness.
  • AMG provides health integration with multi-medical & allied medical professionals who practice solutions for extended health.

Advanced Medical Group

Integrating Health Care Professionals
To Benefit Patients

People “know” they need to be healthier. What people often don’t “know” is how.

AMG is here to help – respectfully and knowledgeably – whether it be through traditional medicine or through lifestyle changes. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach is often

The most effective strategy in healthcare. Having so many talented professionals in one building makes it simpler to find the right combination.

When it comes to chronic illness AMG is focused on helping you hear what your body and mind are telling you, so you can take control of your health and wellness.

Become proactive rather than reactive.