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Plastic Surgery, Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery, Oral Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Ophthalmology Surgery

Advanced Surgical Operatory provides our patients with exceptional one-day service, using the most advanced technologies available, experienced Ontario Certifed Surgeons, and skilled nurses in a modern surgical suite.

Our surgeons consult with each patient for improved results, through pre-surgery enhancements.

Short-Stay accommodation including healthy-food is available for out-of-town patients.

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Patient Centered Care

No Surgery is Trivialized

The preparation for BEST-RECOVERY-RESULTS is important for all surgeries. Our surgeons know that patients who engage in pre-operative exercise programs and maintain dietary nutrition standards,are most often the patients with improved post-operative recovery results and shorter recovery times.

Patients who add to their pre-surgery routine, the art of de-stressing through Mindful-Meditation are seen to have distinct psychological advantages post-operatively.

STOPPING Smoking is Critical

Smoking and substance abuse can cause blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow to organs. Smokers may need as much as 33% more anesthesia during surgery and 23% more pain medication post-operatively. 

Vitamins & Nutrition & Exercise

Your surgeon will recommend that you maintain a healthy balanced diet with exercise. Be well rested prior to your surgery. If you take a daily aspirin or supplements these may affect bleeding during surgery. Make sure you speak with your doctor who will review your medications prior to surgery (including medical as well as recreational cannabis)

Your Biometric Scores (Lab-Test- Results)

Your Biometric Scores (Lab-Test- Results) plus your Vitals are tested by your doctor and often by your surgeon.  The results of these tests may indicate that you, the patient, would benefit from REJUV+ Programs.  The Pre-Surgical REJUV Programs include coaching in Cardio-Exercise, Diet, and Mindful-Meditation. They are FREE to patients and require dedication for 30 to 45 days prior to surgery for best results.

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Discuss & Understand Your Benefits/Options

Surgical Procedures continue to advance, but unfortunately, many new technologies that may offer enhanced patient results are not covered by OHIP.  Advanced Surgical Operatory introduces the latest technology and procedures made available to our patients for all medical fields in our surgical group.

For instance, Ophthalmology has available the new ORA SYSTEM™ for Bladeless Cataract Surgery.  The ORA technology is the latest in North America where the patient experiences solutions for improved vision for Distance – their Computer Screen – and Reading. In addition, this technology helps minimize recovery-time post-surgery, while enhancing vision options for our patients!

Your skilled surgeon will address any concerns or questions to provide the best solutions for meeting your needs. They can even suggest ways for you to be as healthy as possible – helping you to maximize results and minimize recovery-time post-surgery.

ADVANCED SURGICAL OPERATORY is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Many of our surgical procedures use State – of – Art Technology and are not often found elsewhere in Canada. Our surgical suites provide the ideal atmosphere for those who want to have more options with their health care decisions.

Our surgeons are recognized as some of the finest in Canada. Patient-Centered Care is always top-of-mind.

Our Mission

The mission of Advanced Surgical Operatory is to educate patients with data about advanced techniques not currently funded by our healthcare system. These technologies have the potential to provide superior outcomes for patients. Our surgeons will provide patients with options as to their health needs while offering surgical services in a timely manner.


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