“Bruce, Thank you very much for everything you did to make my mother’s birthday a very memorable occasion! The food was excellent, service great, and the setup of the tables lent to guests creating circles of conversation (which I learned the Dutch are quite good at). Except for 6 or 7 aunt/cousins, the rest were all my family! - brothers, sister, nieces, nephews, grandsons..... Much appreciated! Josie”

Feedback received for a family celebration of one of our residents 93rd birthday, almost 50 guests in the Bistro area on a Sunday for a catered lunch buffet & bar

“Good morning Chef Bruce!

The dinner last night was absolutely delicious! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed each and every amazing dish which made it a very memorable family 60th Anniversary for Marg and Jim. Thank you very much!”

this was an event in our Private Dining room for resident family & friends