AMG: Traditional and lifestyle medicine in alliance

Stethescope and apple - lifestyle medicine

The Advanced Medical Group clinic in London is more than just a medical centre. It’s an integrated hub of healthcare excellence where you can access help and advice from healthcare professionals, enabling you to take control of your own wellbeing and make informed lifestyle changes. What is lifestyle medicine? Lifestyle medicine is an approach to […]

World Glaucoma Week: Why you should get your vision checked

ladies eye - glaucoma awareness

This week is World Glaucoma Week, raising awareness of an eye condition that can cause gradual sight loss and blindness. More than 250,000 Canadians have the most common form of glaucoma, chronic open-angle glaucoma. Since this type of glaucoma doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort, more may have the condition and simply don’t notice until […]

You are what you eat: a better diet for a healthier you

fruit and veg with tape measure for healthy diet

Trying to lose weight, but your relationship with food is holding you back? Want to improve your diet but not sure how? Start your journey to healthy eating and wellness with the NutriProCan team at AMG.   NutriProCan services At AMG, we are dedicated to improving health by offering a variety of services that are […]

Winter foot care: show your feet some love

Feet for foot care

The freezing temperatures might have abated down to a more manageable -5C this week, but that in itself brings new issues, such as ice and freezing water. So, have a thought for your feet, which have been through it all – and at ground level! They have been wrapped in snow boots, swapped for trainers […]

Focus on mental health

yoga a tip for mental health

What’s your mental state like today? The majority of Canadians report positive mental health, which is excellent, but in turn a third of us will be affected by a mental illness at some point during our lifetime. Unlike many chronic diseases with more obvious symptoms, mental health issues are not always so easily recognised or […]

Ontario Physicians: top reasons to practice at AMG London

doctor and patient with blood pressure cuff

Are you a family physician looking to establish your first practice? Perhaps you already run your own clinic but want to transform the way you work? At AMG London, we are constantly seeking professionals to join our unique blend of physicians and other health service providers. If you are looking for an opportunity to refocus, […]

AMG Health articles roundup 2018

stethescope and heart - healthy articles

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, vowing to exercise more, lose weight or just “get healthier” are often top of the list. At AMG, we believe that coaching healthy-lifestyles is as important to wellness as traditional medicine. Throughout 2018, this News page has brought you the latest in health news and advice. So, to […]

A happy, healthy Christmas from AMG

Christmas treats

OK, we admit it, the words ‘healthy’ and ‘Christmas’ may not be two words you’d normally expect to find in the same sentence. On Christmas Day alone, the average Canadian is likely to consume about 6,000 calories – about three times more than the daily average. If recent years are anything to go on, sales […]

The Academy of Aging: helping Canadians add life to their years

Senior and family sitting looking up. Aging healthily

Every day in Canada, 1000 more people reach retirement age. We’re living longer, but do we understand how to live better in our senior years? At AMG, we recognize that education is key to living a healthy life up to and beyond retirement, and aim to help Canadians of all ages understand the aging process […]

Spotlight on… Advanced Surgical Operatory

woman on bed for day surgery at AMG

At AMG London, we are proud to offer same day surgery services in our fully accredited surgical centre, with a modern surgical suite, the most advanced technology and experienced Ontario Certified Surgeons. What procedures can AMG offer? Our Advanced Surgical Operatory provides patients with a wide range of high-quality ‘same day’ procedures across several surgical […]