Aug 24th, 2017

I have been attending the Advanced Medical Group Fitness Centre since April 2017.

I have been exercising at the gym with Michelle Kerr and seeing Lisa Cianfrini, Registered Dietitian.

I attend the gym 2 – 3 times per week; Michelle works with the whole person—mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am much stronger in all of these areas mentioned. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push but never too much. Michelle is personable and has a lot of integrity. Having worked with many other personal trainers throughout my 80 years, she is the best. I am still independent and continue to lead a busy life thanks to my fitness level.

Right from the very first day she made me feel important, I was in a funk and she helped me out of it.

On days when I was having a tough time I would not go to my other gym. However, on those very days I go to AMG as I know I will leave feeling better, I laugh, and it becomes a whole new day.

Between Lisa and Michelle, I am having great success and living life to the fullest. I feel tremendously lucky for having found AMG Fitness Centre.

Thanks to the staff I have now been introduced to Gayle at the Vision Centre, and Tony and Linda from Foot Dynamics. Gayle was lovely and has booked me in for an appointment, she was informative, patient, caring and kind.

I especially want to thank you for the introduction to Tony and Linda, they are both sweethearts.

I ordered orthotics, new German runners and probably a new pair of sandals to wear around the house — plus got an appointment with their gal to look at my feet, had a wonderful time there and they couldn’t have been nicer.

I cannot believe how many wonderful people I am lucky enough to have in my life since I have started at AMG. I now have a great support network all under one roof. They all talk to each other about my well being and my best interests.

Patti Barrett