What is a Pedorthist?

A Canadian Certifed Pedorthist is a foot care expert trained in the assessment, design, manufacture, and ft of custom orthoses. We, as Pedorthists, are also specially trained in the proper fit of footwear and can custom modify footwear as necessary. Together, these services assist in managing pain and discomfort in the back, lower limbs, and feet.

Canadian Certifed Pedorthists work alongside other healthcare professionals to help maintain proper alignment and biomechanics, reduce pain, and increase mobility. All patients will need a diagnosis from a prescribing clinician.

Our Services

  • Custom orthotics made in our on-site lab. Orthopaedic modifications to footwear done on-site.
  • Knee Braces
  • Wide selection of stylish footwear, all designed for maximum comfort for you during work, sports and leisure. Let our professionals find your perfect fit.
  • Compression stocking needs for prescriptions and prevention – many different styles and colours measured by our certified staff!
  • Foot care is essential for your overall health, especially for diabetics. Our Registered Practical Nurse has over 20 years experience in both basic and advanced foot care.

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