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Become a Member of Canada’s innovative REJUV – A 90-DAY EXPERIENCE.

If you could be assured that within 90 days, by dedicating 90 minutes 3 times per week; where you would enjoy a life-changing experience for the rest of your life; would you be interested in Adding Life to Years?

Six out of Ten people say… YES!

If you are 60 percent of Mature Adults suffering from Chronic Health Diseases in Canada, and if you are awaiting surgery, become a REJUV–Member.

Your Assurance Agreement:

If your symptoms do not improve after REJUV—90-DAY EXPERIENCE so that surgery is no longer required, The Academy of Aging (a non-profit society) will donate the surgical facilities at AMG on your behalf, without cost to you.

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Improved Wellness Guaranteed!

Cardio-Respiratory Diseases are often associated with chronic health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Fatigue Syndromes, Anxiety-Depression, Substance Abuse, and even some cancers.

  • The right exercise is one of the BEST ANTI-AGERS available
  • Decrease your risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes
  • Decrease the risk of Dementia Diseases
  • Decrease your risk of Breast & Colon Cancers
  • Be Happier without Depression

Why Wouldn't Everyone Want to Protect their Heart?

Your heart weighs between 200 and 425 grams – only about the size of a human fist. There are four chambers which include the right and left atria ( upper chambers ) and the right & left ventricle ( lower chambers ) with valves that separate the chambers. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body as it continuously pumps blood throughout the body and brain, carrying essential nutrients plus oxygen to organs, tissues, and cells.

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Through a referral by your family doctor, we know your biometrics including your target heart-rate. We also can monitor your heart-rate during our classes that are occurring in each of our 4 Salons.

Four Pillars of Prevention

Daily Excersize

Reversing cardiovascular disease must start with a commitment to a daily routine of stretching, and then cardio-enhancing exercise, and 1 to 2 sessions per week for resistance training. Based on your biometrics, we will show you how your heart and vascular support system will improve over time, enabling a significant reduction in health risks.

Healthy Eating

The metabolizing of foods is now understood by Nutritionists and Dieticians for maintaining your functioning digestive system. We coach you towards an ideal weight and body-mass-index score and consult with your physician so you avoid polypharmacy (excessive medications). We even provide you FREE cooking classes each Saturday morning at AMG for healthy recipes.

Stress Management

Mindfulness and Meditation is an excellent daily routine as an adjunct to exercise and healthy nutrition. The practice of de-stressing is both an art and a science where you will discover enhanced personal confidence and a paradigm shift in your self-esteem. De-stressing in the morning improves your day, and de-stressing before bed is an excellent means to improved sleeping habits.


COMMUNICATION FOR PREVENTION: We offer personal & private portals for communicating with your health-care professionals and their skilled support staff. This has opened the doors to learning and understanding your body and mind’s needs for wellness.ASK THE QUESTIONS, and WE WILL ANSWER.

Now you will understand what your Laboratory Test Results and Vitals mean to your health. You understand that Traditional Medicine is the prescribing of your medications, whereas Lifestyle Changes are enabling your body & mind to heal and function; perhaps without medications.

It is about YOU! REJUV: will be with you for LIFE because of Mi-VITALS™.

Other Rejuv Pain
Therapy Options

Physiotherapy that is coached by Neurosurgeons is to determine if chronic health conditions are the source of your pain that might prove to be preventable through the 4 PILLARS. In approximately 80 percent of cases changes in lifestyle has made it possible for the patient to avoid surgical intervention.

Pre-Surgical Classes

Depending on your classification of surgery, expect that many surgeons will recommend pre-operative REJUV: classes of 30 days and 60 days. These classes are personalized and designed to improve your probability of improved recovery following the surgery. Most patients discover the benefits of being healthy and continue with classes.

Health Q & A

Exercise gives you more energy, boosts your brain power, improves mood, reduces risk of disease, builds strength, removes toxins and improves balance all which lead to optimal health and joyful movement which makes life worth living

Being present in your body, allows you to learn how to deal with the day to day stresses, invigorates, provides clarity, its is one of the most potent, underutilized anti-depressant and it is free.

At Advanced fitness centre we encourage a healthy diet; eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Choose low-fat protein sources, such as fish lean meat and skinless poultry. A healthy diet is good for both your brain and body not to mention the prevention and reversal of disease.

At Advanced fitness centre we encourage a healthy diet; eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Choose low-fat protein sources, such as fish lean meat and skinless poultry. A healthy diet is good for both your brain and body not to mention the prevention and reversal of disease.

This program does not need prescription, nor is it supplied in a bottle but it does come with your personal program coordinator and team of specialists… all found under one roof at Advanced Medical Group.

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Supervised program customized to the participant with flexible hours

Meet Our Professionals

At The Advanced Medical Group it’s all about the family.

We hire only the best medical professionals to provide quality support and care for you and your needs.

Dr. Bob Brown, 
Cardiologist and Director of Cardiac Prevention at AMG

Dr. Robert Brown M.D., FRCPC (Card), FACC, brings over 25 years’ experience specializing in primary and secondary prevention. Dr. Brown specializes in Cardiovascular Risk Prevention, Aggressive Risk Factor Management, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. We are pleased to have Dr. Bob Brown providing Cardiology consultation, ECG, Stress Testing, ECHO and Holter Monitoring.

Michelle Kerr,
Health Coach

Michelle has worked in both fitness and recreation programming for over 30 years. Her focus of work at AMG is primarily on personal training/guiding individuals with chronic disease as they pursue their journey to wellness. In addition to her work at AMG she teaches fitness classes throughout the City of London and frequently leads presentations and workshops at the Canadian National Fitness Conference. She holds many certifications including Personal training, HeartWise, Chronic Disease and Fitness, Older adult specialist, Yoga, and is a Canadian Aquacise Leadership Trainer. Throughout her career, she has been making a difference creating experiences to enhance the lives of others through innovation, program development, and excellent customer service.

Over the course of her career, she has worked for the City of London as a recreation facility supervisor managing and programming the City of London’s two senior centers, and various community outreach/partnerships. Michelle volunteers within her community as both founding member/volunteer with Run for Ovarian Cancer and OneRUN, raising monies for our local hospitals.

Prior to moving to London, she held the following positions; Campus and Community Program Coordinator at Acadia University, Nova Scotia community college, instructor for Health and Wellness, Police Foundations Program and Supervisor, Parks and Recreation, City of Mississauga