MiVitals & Health Reports


You need to understand what your body and mind say to you through your : VITALS; LAB TEST RESULTS; HEALTH ALERTS & YOUR PHYSICIAN’S CONSULTATION.

Mi-VITALS TM also provides data and educational understanding of your deviations for wellness

What is MiVitals ?

At Advanced Medical Group we are shifting our therapists into coaches.
Our physiotherapists. dieticians, pharmacists, wellness & fitness experts, psychologists and other multi-disciplinary professionals will work with you towards understanding the needs of your body and mind, and how to be healthy.

What’s more, we’ll support you with help, advice and services when you’re at home, through our amazing MiVitalsTM online portal.

  • Book appointments online
  • Request prescription renewals
  • View laboratory results
  • Send messages to your doctor
  • Access medical education, tailored to you
  • View Videos and information on new developments in treating conditions

MiVitalsTM is easy to use, and works via any internet browser on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet device.

What are Health-Alerts?

Health-Alerts offers timely reminders to you about your personal medical appointments, such as a follow up examination or important tests such as colonoscopies, PSA, mammograms, etc. Reminders are sent through Mi-VITALS TM to assist you & your doctor by participating together for your wellness.

How do I get a MiVitalsTM portal?

All patients of AMG have the opportunity and access to Mi-VITALS TM Portal.. Click on this link to sign up as a new patient.

If you are currently a patient at AMG, please click here to register for MiVitalsTM. You’ll be prompted to provide a few simple, but key pieces of information including your name, health card number and e-mail address. Once you’ve submitted your registration, you will receive a text or e-mail with your unique “username”. Use this along with the password you set-up in your registration to log into the site. That’s it! From here, you can start booking appointments online, requesting prescription renewals and more.

The first person you’ll meet as you step out is a Medical Assistant, who will prepare you for your visit to the doctor by completing a 7-point pre-exam, and updating your Electronic Medical Record accordingly. This is the secure record that you created as your health history profile when you first made your appointment online. It will be thoroughly reviewed and updated by every practitioner you see, every time you visit. For more information, call us or e-mail [email protected]