Did You Know for Cataract Surgery There Are Important Options?

  • There is more than just one lens implant option available in 2018.

  • Selecting the right option for you must be discussed with each patient.

  • Advanced Vision Center’s professional will provide the answers to your needs



Ophthalmology Services

Our talented team of Ophthalmologists are are highly-trained eye physicians and surgeons. They are available to diagnose, treat and help guide you in preventing serious eye disease such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Cataract surgery with minimal wait times for exceptional visual improvements

The Advanced Vision Centre offers cataract surgery and lens replacement using the very latest ORA technology. We are the only private surgical operatory in London to offer treatment using the ORA technology and one of the very few Eye Centres in Canada who are privileged to be able to utilize this state-of-the-art equipment.

Advanced Medical Group is pleased to announce that Dr. Rick Bains, Ophthalmologist, has joined ADVANCED SURGICAL OPERATORY - London.

Dr. Rick Bains will be joining Dr. Robin Bruen in the delivery of the ORA-SYSTEMTM for Bladeless Cataract Surgery, performed at Advanced Medical Group’s Eye Surgical Centre.

Dr. Bains, and Dr. Bruen are inviting Ontario Optometrists to participate in a preceptorship referral study. Our purpose is to ask each Optometrist to scrub and observe the ORA-SYSTEM of one bladeless cataract procedure. Post-operatively each Optometrist provides their patient report including patient & Optometrist satisfaction for approaching emmetropia post – surgery.

As a participant, your professional time is recovered through the preceptorship for this important research publication.

Advanced Surgical Operatory is an endoscopic surgical center specializing in surgeries for Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, oral surgery, gynecology and others.

Patients referred by the Optometrist are ALWAYS referred-back to the Optometrist for post- surgical results.

Accommodation and Meals available for Travelling Patients


What’s NEW for Intra-Operative Wavefront Surgical Precision?

The ORA® System with Verifeye+™ is an intra-operative wavefront aberrometer that provides key measurements to improve surgical precision. The ORA® System reduces refractive error, enabling the Ophthalmologist to more accurately measure a patients eye(s) while the patient is on the operating table. ORA® is not available through Ontario Hospitals or OHIP Procedures.

The LenSx® Femtosecond Laser is an effective option for reducing the risks associated with cataract surgery. LenSx® utilizes a medical laser capable of making a perfect arc-like incision on the limbal junction of the cornea, for reducing astigmatism. The benefit over a manual incision is the preciseness of the final prescription. 

By choosing LenSx®, your surgeon can accomplish a more circular and centered capsulotomy as well as softening the cataract for removal. This procedure provides safe and effective, customized refractive surgery. LenSx® is available in limited locations and not covered by OHIP.

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You are just 4-Steps Away from Bringing Back Clarity to your Vision

1. Discuss your cataract with your Optometrist.

2. Attend a pre-operative consultation at AMG – London.

3. Move forward with your chosen Advanced surgical procedure.

4. If you wish, enjoy dinner and an evening’s rest at Advanced Medical Group – London.

Discussing your Vision Goals with your Optometrist and Ophthalmologist

Here are a few of the questions you will want to have answered before you make your decision about cataract surgery:
  • Which lens would you recommend for me?
  • What will my vision be like after cataract surgery?
  • Will I need to wear glasses or contacts after cataract surgery?
  • What risks to my vision are there due to the health of my eye(s)?
  • How long does cataract surgery take?
  • How should I prepare for cataract surgery?
  • How do I care for myself after cataract surgery?
  • When can I return to my regular activities?
  • Do I need to stop taking any of my medications?

Advanced Surgical Operatory Choices

Near Vision Correction

Trifocal Pan
Optix Lens

Mid Vision Correction

Trifocal Pan
Optix Lens 

Far Vision Correction

All Lens


Trifocal Pan Optix &
Toric Lens Options

Monofocal lens

Custom Refractive Cataract Package $1460 per eye
with LenSx® & ORA® System with Verifeye+™ $2460 per eye

This procedure provides the opportunity for better colour and low-light vision. Wavefront Analysis is combined with Biometry Laser Measurement to choose the exact Aspheric lens implant required. This lens does not correct astigmatism or presbyopia (reading vision) so the patient should expect to wear corrective-glasses or contact lenses after surgery.

Aspheric lenses give the opportunity for better colour and low light vision than the OHIP covered lens.

Toric lens

Custom Astigmatism Package $2210 per eye
with LenSx® & ORA® System with Verifeye+™ $3210 per eye

The combination of a Custom Cataract Package and Biometry Laser Measurement with a lens implant that reduces pre-existing astigmatism and dependence on glasses for distance vision, is an advantage; however, this lens does not correct for presbyopia (reading vision). The patient should expect to require corrective reading glasses after surgery.

A lens implant that will reduce the patient’s pre-existing astigmatism and dependence on glasses for distance vision but reading glasses will still be required.

Trifocal Pan Optix lens

Custom Multi-focal Astigmatism Package $3110 per eye
with LenSx® & ORA® System with Verifeye+™ $4110 per eye

The combination of a Custom Refractive Cataract Package (ORA®) and Biometry Laser Measurement (LenSx®) reduces pre-existing astigmatism, while providing three (3) focal points for your distance vision, your computer screen distance, and your reading vision. This procedure provides the patient with the best opportunity to be spectacle free after surgery./span>

The best opportunity to be spectacle free with a lens implant that focuses for three focal points.

A New Way of Seeing Your Life

Your Ophthalmologist’s goal is to correct the decreased vision caused by a cataract. 

This includes the best type of lens to reduce glare, haloes, double-vision, impaired depth perception, plus blurred vision at night. It is widely recognized that corneal re-shaping after LASIK, PRK & Radial Keratotomy produces a likelihood of inaccuracies following intra-ocular lens implants and may reduce predictability, requiring additional procedures.