Optometry Services

We offer a range of Clinical & Diagnostic Vision Services, including:

Optometric Eye Exams

Using the latest technology, we can examine and assess both your vision and eye health. Regular eye exams can help detect any eye health issues, and with our retinal imagery and scanning technology, it enables our doctors to compare changes in the structure and health of your eyes over time. No referral is necessary and appointments can usually be made the same day.

Personal Eyewear

Our Licensed Optician will fit you in a frame from an extensive collection of the most up-to-date styles. There is something to suit every face and style, from conservative to trendy to interesting and one-of-a-kind options. We have a full selection of prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Prescription Specialty Lenses

LensesWe can advise you on the latest lens types available, including thin lightweight lenses, transition lenses, progressive lenses, and low-vision aides that offer a wide spectrum for improvement in your visual acuity.

Contact Lenses

There are many options today so it is important you are wearing the contact lens best for your eyes:

  • Single vision lenses - available in daily, bi-weekly and monthly modalities
  • Multi-focal lenses - so you can ditch those reading glasses
  • Toric lenses - so you can correct that astigmatism you've been told you have
  • Specialty lenses like RGP and Scleral are also options

For more details on eye and vision care services, book an appointment with our team by calling 519 873 1700

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