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The Private Exercise Center for People with Health Concerns

Kinesiology Sessions, Senior Fitness Classes and Memberships

Why Advanced Fitness Center?

We are London’s ONLY Medical Exercise Center specializing in supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching for people who have health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and for the prevention of these conditions. We offer a space for individuals to exercise safely in a mature environment. 

What we do?

We assess, create, monitor and supervise clinical exercise programs for individuals who are looking to naturally prevent or manage different health conditions such as Obesity/Weight Management, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Bone Health, etc. In addition to our Kinesiology sessions, we also offer senior fitness classes and general memberships. 

What makes us different?

Our team of Registered Kinesiologists are certified in chronic disease prevention and management to ensure each program is safe but effective. We do not focus on things that other gyms do like toning muscles, losing body fat, increasing performance but those things usually happen during our programs anyways! We focus on how your body works metabolically, looking at your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and other factors that play a role in overall health and longevity. 

We offer Senior Fitness Classes with instructors certified as Senior Fitness Instructors by the CCAA (Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging) at Western University.

Do I need a referral? Is it open to the public?

No referral’s needed! Many of our members are referred by their physician to exercise and this is where they send them! However, we also welcome walk-ins and consultations. 

What kind of conditions do you help?

Check out the list below of conditions we help people manage with exercise and lifestyle coaching:

High Blood Pressure


Obesity/Weight Management

Balance/Fall Prevention

Osteoporosis/ Bone Health


Mental Health

COPD/ Deconditoning

Chronic Pain

Early onset of Parkinson’s/ Alzheimer’s

Arthritis/ Joint Health


Women's Health


And More

What We Have To Offer YOU

Our senior fitness orientated programs help everyone find what is the best program for them based on their needs, ability and lifestyle goals.

REJUV 90-Day Program

REJUV Supervised Program

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ReJuv Senior Fitness Classes

ReJuv Fitness Class

Senior Fitness Classes for ALL AGES

1 Hour Class Format:

30 Minutes of Aerobic Cardio + Cool-Down

30 Minutes of Resistance Training Machines + Stretch

Class Instructors certified as Senior Fitness Instructors by the CCAA (Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging).

Instructors are Ros Banks, Crystal Sharp, and Sharon Aul.

Contact us for latest Class Schedule: 519-873-1603



ReJuv Senior Fitness Class Video

ReJuv Gait & Balance Class

Senior Fitness Class aimed at improving mobility, balance, and walking.

1 Hour Class Format:

10 Minutes of Seated Warm-Up

30 Minutes of Walking and Gait Patterning

10 Minutes of Balance

10 Minutes of Stretching/Cool-Down

Class Instructors certified as Senior Fitness Instructors by the CCAA (Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging).

Instructor is Susan Paddick

Contact us for latest Class Schedule: 519-873-1603



ReJuv Gait & Balance Class Video

Meet Our Instructors

We hire only the best senior fitness instructors in London to provide quality support, personalized instruction and attention to detail in all our classes.

Ros Banks Senior Fitness London Centre for Activity and Aging Western University

Ros Banks

My name is Ros(e) Banks. I’ve been a group fitness instructor since 2010. I used to teach at Canadian Center for Activity and Aging, for Alzheimer’s Society, and VON. I also currently teach for Huff n Puff Seniors Association and the City of London. I teach senior fitness because I know as we get older “Motion is Lotion” and that age is just a number that adds to all the fun and experiences in life! I love teaching ReJuv Classes at AMG! In the summer, definitely it’s the full air conditioned facility. The centralized location, easy parking/access and most of all the smaller classes, where I get to know each participants well, hence not only I know their names but also know their limitations and abilities. This enable me to challenge or modified the classes as required.

Susan Paddick

Hi I am Susan Paddick and I have been instructing since 2001. I used to teach at the Canadian Center for Activity and Aging and currently teach City of London Hike classes. Seniors ( Older Adults ) inspire me to keep active and I love hearing their stories. My favourite part about teaching seniors fitness at Rejuv is seeing them improve and feeling more confident in their daily activities. Love the smiles and seeing them making new friendships. Sometimes it isn't even about fitness.

Sharon Aul Senior Fitness London Centre for Activity and Aging Western University

Sharon Aul

I have been teaching fitness classes for 5 years+.I previously taught at University of Western Canadian Centre of Activity and Aging. Outisde of AMG, I also teach for VON. I love to teach senior fitness because it is one of the most rewarding and interesting demographics to teach. Rejuv Senior Fitness is a rewarding place to work due to the participants, staff and top notch facilities. My favourite phrase “ Believe you can and you are half way there!” The body achieves what the mind believes…

Senior Fitness London Centre for Activity and Aging Western University

Crystal Sharp

My name is Crystal Sharp. I have been a certified seniors fitness instructor for about 8 years. In addition to AMG, I teach seniors fitness classes for the City of London and for Huff n Puff Seniors Fitness Association. I have always had a general interest in fitness and being active, but was introduced to the therapeutic importance of regular cardiorespiratory and strength training following the research and writing I did as a grant writer about ten years ago. The evident health benefit of prescribed exercise has been reinforced manyfold after I started teaching fitness – in observing improvements in my own fitness and well-being, and in the participants of the classes I teach. The best part of teaching at ReJuv is to work with such motivated and fun participants and instructors.

Spencer Raposo

Registered Kinesiologist, Exercise is medicine, kinesiologist, R.Kin
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No “Gym-timidation” HERE – be the fittest you can be!

State-of-the-art fitness equipment, including a wide range of free weights, lots of cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical, and stationary bikes, a group exercise room for instructor-led yoga, stretching, pilates, and spin classes, and so much more for your exercise and fitness needs!

Our REGISTERED KINESIOLOGISTS are available to help you reach your fitness goals. They will help motivate you and by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability.



More About Us

We are passionate about exercise as medicine for many chronic conditions. Using fitness, lifestyle and nutrition counseling and healthy habit formation as our tools, our team will work with you to ensure that you have the information and support you need to become more active and make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, decrease your blood pressure, or just get healthier, we work with you to create the best exercise program for your specific needs. We understand that you and your health issues are unique, which is why we spend so much time with you to ensure that we truly understand where you are at with your health, and craft a plan that will help you be successful.

Real Client Reviews

Shannon C
Shannon C
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Last year my daughter and son-in-law gave me the Rejuv health and wellness program at AMG fitness for my 62nd birthday/Mothers Day gift. At the time, I was in the worst shape of my life both physically and emotionally when I walked into AMG. I was overweight, out of shape, depressed and on numerous meds. On top of this I have had my right knee rebuilt, both hips replaced and I have had shoulder surgery twice. I have been diagnosed and dealing with severe osteo-arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and clinical depression. I have lost 27lbs over the last 6 months. My flareups and pain symptoms have decreased exponentially, and my energy levels have improved immensely. I have realized that physical exercise, nutrition and the support of my team has truly given me back my health and a renewed vigor for life. I now know that exercise and healthy nutrition are now going to be a part of my life for the rest of my life. I am back to enjoying, and participating in life again, and most of all playing with my grandchildren.
Peter P
Peter P
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The past few months has been amazing, last spring I was not in a good place, never would I have imagined that months later I would be on little medication, 45 lb weight loss, improved sleep, and enjoying my independence again. ReJuv has given me a new lease on my life and given me back to my family. For me there is no looking back as that lifestyle and feeling poorly is not one I want to return to ever. I am enjoying life and look forward to continuing the years ahead in optimal health. Without any hesitation, I would strongly recommend the Rejuv program team to anyone looking to make a sustainable change to become a healthier and happier person.
Debra B
Debra B
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The Advance Fitness Centre located on the ground floor of the AMG Building is a wonderful facility that caters to older people. It is managed by Spencer Raposo a knowledgeable and caring kinesiologist. He applies exercise science to our gym activities to prevent and treat injuries or medical conditions. He helps to improve health and wellness for each client including my 82 year-old mother. We have found Spencer to be a warm teacher and coach, and feel so lucky to learn from him!
April C
April C
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"Words can not express how thankful I am to the Rejuv Team at AMG for the work they have done with my mom. My name is April Crake and I am a certified personal trainer as well as the owner of Hi-Ignition Fit Lab but when my mom had finally agreed to sell her house and move to London, Ontario, I knew I couldn’t be her daughter and her coach. My mom was very active most of her life from her career as a paramedic, to ski patrol as well as kicking my butt in a squash tournament and placing the trophy – on my dresser when I was in high school. Unfortunately as she aged her arthritis took a toll in her joints and she endured one hip resurfacing, the other hip replacement, her knee was rebuilt in her 20’s resulting from a severe injury in a competitor broomball game and the last surgery she endured was a shoulder replacement a few years ago. She also has fibromyalgia and as many people do struggles with depressed from a very young age. She previously managed the moods and depression with an active lifestyle but as her body broke down was left struggling. I knew I had to find a complete program with a trainer that has experience working with older clients with chronic pain and depression. She needed medical supervision because she had a mild heart attack a few years ago as well as sound nutritional guidance because we all know you can’t make effective physically and mental changes without cleaning up the diet. AMG’s Rejuv program promised and delivered on all of this. I am so impressed at my mom’s progress and results and would highly recommend this program and the very talented Rejuv Team to anyone looking to make life long sustainable physical and nutritional changes."
Bob M
Bob M
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"This program has been everything and more. I feel better generally, and have more energy and strength. My stability has improved along with my knowledge of exercising properly to get the best effect and not injure myself."
Mike R
Mike R
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"I initially found the program to be expensive but afterwards I was pleased with the overall results. What made the program worth every penny to me was the dedication and hard work that Spencer put into it. My favorite part of the program was the instructor. Spencer did a great job! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for overall health improvement!"
Bob S
Bob S
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"This is a first rate experience. Spencer is a knowledgeable professional who provides extra value in designing a program for each individual and adapting it for them as they go. People at any level of fitness will be well led and receive benefit from their engagement in the program. The additional resources of the gym and various classes after the program has ended will help to retain the habits that are developed."
Deb L
Deb L
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"I enjoyed working with Spencer. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful."
Jim S
Jim S
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"I improved my physical and mental wellbeing. The program has helped me increase flexibility, endurance and strength."

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