Dr. Bob Brown, Cardiologist and Director of Cardiac Prevention at AMG

Dr. Robert Brown M.D., FRCPC (Card), FACC, brings over 25 years’ experience specializing in primary and secondary prevention. Dr. Brown specializes in Cardiovascular Risk Prevention, Aggressive Risk Factor Management, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. We are pleased to have Dr. Bob Brown providing Cardiology consultation, ECG, Stress Testing, ECHO and Holter Monitoring.

Michelle Kerr, Health Coach

Michelle has worked in both fitness and recreation programming for over 30 years. Her focus of work at AMG is primarily on personal training/guiding individuals with chronic disease as they pursue their journey to wellness. In addition to her work at AMG she teaches fitness classes throughout the City of London and frequently leads presentations and workshops at the Canadian National Fitness Conference. She holds many certifications including Personal training, HeartWise, Chronic Disease and Fitness, Older adult specialist, Yoga, and is a Canadian Aquacise Leadership Trainer. Throughout her career, she has been making a difference creating experiences to enhance the lives of others through innovation, program development, and excellent customer service.

Over the course of her career, she has worked for the City of London as a recreation facility supervisor managing and programming the City of London’s two senior centers, and various community outreach/partnerships. Michelle volunteers within her community as both founding member/volunteer with Run for Ovarian Cancer and OneRUN, raising monies for our local hospitals.

Prior to moving to London, she held the following positions; Campus and Community Program Coordinator at Acadia University, Nova Scotia community college, instructor for Health and Wellness, Police Foundations Program and Supervisor, Parks and Recreation, City of Mississauga